Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Leah, a young girl from the East Coast who loves to create things. I wanted to start a blog for many reasons, and it’s taken me a while to learn the ropes, but I’m finally ready!


This isn’t my first time with a blog. As a child, I had my own little blog (that was very short lived…) and my dad and I even had a blog too! We used to write about everything – from stories, to our experiences, to even just uploading pictures! My experiences with blogs back then definitely led to my passion to blog now. This time…I want it to be for real!

My ultimate goal would be to turn this blog into my job. I know it’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m prepared! I have done SO much research to try and find out how I can turn this blog into success. It’s going to take lots of time and effort; however, I am excited to see what the future holds!

When starting my blog, I found two things difficult:

  1. Picking a name

  2. Picking a niche

I wanted both my blog name and niche to be something that reflected me but that I could also use throughout my entire blogging career. 

The inspiration behind my blog name Lively Leah is, well…my life!

Throughout my life, I have always loved to travel, try new things, be around other people, and create! Although I (definitely) have my lazy moments, I like to try and live in the moment because life is too short to waste it!

I think the word lively really reflects how I try to live my life, and I also think it is pretty positive, which is exactly what I want my blog to be!

Now for the niche…

I’m not going to lie, I switched my niche SO many times. Finally, I had enough.

I thought that maybe because I couldn’t decide on a niche was a sign. When I learned what a lifestyle blog was, I never went back to any other niche! Now, I can write about anything I want without it being “out of niche” (which was one of my fears)!

I want to write about countless things. From travel, to beauty, to faith, to fashion, to blogging, to crafts…I want to bring it all to the table! These are all my passions, and I’d love to share them with the world.

When I think about my blog, something important to me is staying true to myself. I never want to be money driven or “fame” driven, I want to write about things that I, along with others, love. Sure, my goal is that people read my content, but I’d rather write a post that I am passionate and proud about compared to a post that is just…forced!

I’m looking forward to the future and getting to share part of my life with you all. I hope you’ll all choose to come along on the journey with me! I’m so excited for the future and what is in store for my blog.

See you all soon and thanks for reading!


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