Hey, I'm Leah!

AKA, the blogger of Lively Leah! I’m a life-loving young girl from the east coast just trying to make it through day by day. I love CREATING – whether it’s art, a project, or writing – I love getting to show my creativity to those around me and be in complete control of my masterpiece.

For me, starting a blog was the way for me to write about my passions but to also get the entire world reading it! (I mean, not literally, but…maybe?) Ever since I learned about this opportunity I jumped at it. Now, I can happily say that blogging has become a part of my daily life, and something that I absolutely love! Even after a long, stressful day, the thought of getting to work on my blog later keeps me motivated!

As I’ve continued my blogging journey, I’ve learned so much not only about my blogging life, but myself. For example, I’ve learned that I LOVE to market! One of my favorite parts of creating blog posts is using social platforms, like Pinterest, to get people finding my content. On top of that, I find it fascinating to see what other’s are interested as well.

For those who have been around for a while, you may know that my blog was completely different when it was started. (It’s safe to say it has DEFINITELY evolved 🙂 !) When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. It’s taken me a while to get a hang of it, but I am starting to understand more about my blog posts, my website, and more and how to get them looking good!

I have SO many hopes and dreams for the future! This is just the beginning. I hope that someday I can continue my love for blogging and make it my full time job. I mean…how sweet would that be?!

In the mean time, I’m working day by day to improve my blog and make it the best it can be! I’m working to create the best content for you all while still writing about things I love. Let me say: blogging is not easy! However, it’s a challenge I love.