5 Christian YouTubers You NEED to Watch

Hey everyone! As you’ll grow to learn, my faith is something extremely important in my life so I plan on also making it an important aspect on my blog! I try to find unique ways to incorporate my faith into my daily activities, and I find that watching Christian Youtubers on Youtube is a great way! If I’m going to watch YouTube anyway, why not?

I wanted to create a post about my favorite Christian YouTubers! Watching YouTube videos is something I LOVE to do, and watching other people who share the same values as you can help to inspire you in countless ways.

I’ve compiled a list of a bunch of Christian YouTubers that I watch all the time. Some I have been watching for so long, others are new. 

Sometimes we could always use new content to watch – it’s like watching a new series on Netflix!

I have tons of faith related post ideas coming:

  • Podcasts
  • Apps
  • Ways to grow in faith
  • My faith story

and more! If you have any recommendations comment them down below!

Keep on reading to learn who some of my favorite Christian YouTubers are!

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1. Milena Ciciotti

I love her channel!

I’ve been watching Milena for a while now, and I always jump onto my phone when I see that she’s posted. 

Milena is so honest, stays so true to herself, and always prioritizes her faith. She recently had a baby girl who is absolutely adorable as well!

If anyone is looking for a genuine and real Christian YouTuber, I 100% recommend Milena Ciciotti!

2. The LaBrant Fam

While this is a family YouTube channel, I enjoy watching them because of their strong faith foundation. They are not at all afraid or ashamed to talk about their beliefs even though their audience ranges from extremely young kids to adults!

Their content is always super fun and interesting which makes them very enjoyable to watch.

If anyone is looking for a silly, loving, and caring family to watch, definitely subscribe to The LaBrant Fam!

3. Jess and Gabriel

Jess and Gabe are definitely among the most well-known Christian YouTubers…and for an obvious reason!

Anyone who watches their channel immediately falls in love with their kindness, their love for God, their goofiness, and their lifestyle. (And their dog, Milo! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

These two people are definitely some of the most genuine YouTubers. I can only say great things about Jess and Gabriel!

(Jess also has her own YouTube channel that you can find HERE!)

4. Emily Wilson

Although Emily has 100,000 subscribers, she deserves millions. I really enjoy watching her videos.

Emily creates videos centered around God, even about topics that aren’t usually talked about or that are extremely personal. This is just one reason that I love her videos.

She is an absolute inspiration to anyone who watches her, and if anyone is struggling in faith or needs a reminder of how important it is, just watching even one of Emily’s videos will motivate you to restore your faith.

If you are looking for a real and raw Christian YouTuber, check out Emily Wilson!

5. Nate and Sutton

I recently started watching Nate and Sutton, and WOW, am I happy I did!

Nate and Sutton are so real and genuine while prioritizing their faith. Their videos are so well made that it feels like you are watching a professional film! 

These YouTubers have made so many videos about their lives and how they have constantly been able to remain faithful to God, so they are a great outlet to anyone who needs help with that. 

You will not regret subscribing to Nate and Sutton!

A quick list of some others that I’ve very recently started watching:

Grant and Emyle

The Hurst Family

Marcus&Kristin (Kristin Johns and Marcus Johns)


There are many more Christian YouTubers on YouTube that are incredible to watch and learn from. I didn’t list them all, but if you watch any other Christian YouTubers that you enjoy, name and link them down below!

I hope that through this post you are able to find some new channels to binge!

Let me know if you want me to post a continuation to this list, OR even if you want me to name some of my general favorite YouTube channels!

For those who are new, this is just the beginning of my blogging journey. In fact, this is one of my first posts! I’d love for you to join the journey with me and subscribe! ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to come to my blog and read the content that I have worked so hard to make for you. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or other ideas!

Christian Youtubers are a great way to motivate yourself to become a better person. It’s great to surround yourself with motivation, so here’s one of my other posts on apps to keep you motivated!

See you all again soon,


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